Common Carpet Damage and How to Avoid Them

Common Carpet Damage and How to Avoid Them

Buying and installing a new carpet flooring is always exciting; it’s amazing how something so simple can change the look and feel of your entire home. Carpet is an important and valuable home décor investment for every household. Therefore, it makes sense that one should take care of them so that they deliver as much comfort as possible.

In our today’s article we have listed some common carpet damage problems which homeowners face and how to avoid them.

Common Carpet Damage
Common Carpet Damage

Common Carpet Damage Problems and How to Avoid Them

Premature Wear and Tear

A common sign of hidden problem in carpeting is premature wear and tear. Your carpets will show signs of thinning, discolouration, and fraying sooner than you would have expected. Usually, the padding is to be blamed for such occurrences. The object of carpet padding is to act as a cushion. It is what makes the carpeting feel bouncy and soft on your feet. If the manufacturer has not used a suitable form of padding, your carpets will show wear and tear of time much sooner than you expect them to.

You can easily avoid this problem by choosing the right type of padding for your carpet. If you’ve already bought the wrong one, you can also replace the carpet padding by yourself. They are available in a wide range of choices ranging from natural rubber to foam, each having its own uses, pros and cons. For example, if you live in a multi-storied building, you should consider using an acoustic carpet padding which will muffle all noise. An experienced retailer will be able to advise you on all such matters.

Deterioration of Carpet Fibres

Here, we refer to the form, texture, thickness, and length of the fibres in your carpeting. Different fabrics have different types of fibres. For instance, the fibres in an Axminster carpeting are small and brittle, whereas, the fibres in a shag carpeting are long and soft. Areas with higher foot traffic generally suffer most deterioration in carpet fibres. This is aggravated even more if one chooses the wrong type of carpet fabric for a specific area. While buying a new carpet, always convey the intended use and area for carpeting to the salesman. Tell him whether it will be placed in a guest room or in a room where children and pets play.

While it’s impossible to reverse the damage already done, you can try to hide the damaged carpet portion with an area rug. Otherwise, if your carpet is old enough and has served its purpose well, consider replacing it with a new one. These are the only two solutions to carpet fibre deterioration.

Indentations Caused by Heavy Furniture

By the time you decide to move your sofa or dresser and actually spot the indentations on carpet floor, it will be too late to do anything. These furniture depressions are even worse in lower quality carpets. Ask your carpet retailer to recommend a carpet best suited to endure pressure from heavy furniture. Even a dining table sets enough pressure to make a permanent dent. So when choosing a carpet, always ask for the best.

If you have bought a carpet without due consideration to the furniture to be placed on it, you can avoid indentations by slightly re-arranging the furniture on a regular basis. This will spread out any depression on the carpet surface. Just don’t keep them in one fixed spot continuously for years. Alternatively, you can buy and use rubber or plastic furniture cups underneath the legs of all furniture.

Remember, prevention is better than cure. So make certain that the carpet you are about to buy is suited for the purpose you intend it to serve.

 Indentations Caused by Heavy Furniture
Indentations Caused by Heavy Furniture

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